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June 4th, 2004

07:46 pm
As soon as Jess gets back, we need to have a meeting. About things in general. Really. We've been meaning to for what, a month now, more? Another after Meara gets back would be super as well. Have anything you want to talk about at said meeting? Email it to me. I shall collect notes, despite Meara being in charge of that, because she's not much use over there in Germany, watching Harry Potter, the lucky little bugger. We'll set a date that most people can make. I'll post stuff here for anyone that misses it.

Jess arives on the 15th. Various grad ceremonies are coming up: walk up on 12, prom July 2. Anything else that should be planned around? Work scheduals and such? post it.

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May 4th, 2004

05:36 pm - Ship's Meeting
We need to have one guys...almost everyone is in town now. There are quite a few of us that are probably not going to make it to Clinton now, so that throws a wrench in the works. Also, we have to lay down some rules. And finaly, we have to decide if managing this ship is going to be possible when we're off and away in various post secondary institutions.

What's a good day for you? Make it ASAP please. Please comment so it can be worked out...

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May 1st, 2004

03:55 pm
well... seeing as there is no school on Friday my mother had agreed to let us have a stich and bitch here as long as we clean up rather well. People can start coming over as early as 9:30 and we can go until we get tired. I am going to call Jo this week and get her to bring my fabric to rapier one night, all I'll need is for someone to go and get it. please reply with how many people can make it and stuff like that... also, now the hard part; we, unfortunately, do not have a sewing machine and therefore we would need someone to bring theirs. I can try to beg my Aunt to lend us hers but it would be most greatly appreciated if someone else had one they could bring.


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April 29th, 2004

10:12 pm
Bah, we NEED a wicker baskett!!! ANYONE that can get one to me at the school before 2:00 friday will be my hero. I'm gonna phone Al, But I don't know Dan's number and I am busy getting ready to leave so I do not have the time to call him. But anyone that reads this that does DO IT! I really need help here!!!

I talked to Al, we reworked the trick and she's agreed to it. Looks like Megs isn't coming. Kyles, if you still are perhaps you can collect teh money from her for the feast ticket which she owes Cinara now.

Gotta go organize my shit

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April 27th, 2004

07:25 pm - For anyone going to Penguins:
Some words from Jo:

If you can come to practice thurs, we need to figure out how to get you guys to Kitimat. You may be going with Shannos.
eeep Will and I are leaving around 4 and Britta is with us, but not to worry we will get you there soon.
I just remembered that Tewl is heading for Kitimat on Weds I think...
IHe would be staying with wolfred.

(I asked Jo how to get a hold of Tewl because we need someone to look at the badge, but he's been away in Vancouver for some time and just got back monday)

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06:11 pm - An amazing idea...
I beleive I've figured out how to get the ship back.

Alright, this has to be done at penguins. We're at the feast, it's time to give Cinara and Tadgg thier gifts. First we present them with the tokens with the bells that Megan made...(so everyone knows a couple of ship stealers AKA generous protectors of our ship are approaching miles away).

We have our banner out. (We need one anyways, but we're pirates...why the hell would we register it? That's asking the navy to come and kick our asses. I'll explain further later.) We take out the prizes for Cinara and Tadgg. Then we pause and we say we'd like to tell them a story.

While everyone was at Penguins, we snuck away. We swam out to our boat, and snuck aboard. Any heavy fighters that were left on the ship didn't know what hit them. We didn't fight them directly on (we are pirates after all) but rather, we dropped nets from above on thier sorry sleeping asses and captured them that way. It's a big ship, so we had no problem staying ten feet away from them, especially up in the rigging, where they can't climb with all thier armour on too boot. We asked them if they wanted to be chucked over board to swim ashore, or surrender and receive a gift (Holding up the stuff meant for Tadgg and Cinara)

We ask anyone who was guarding the ship now who surrenedered to come up and claim thier gift later, (remember, these people owe allgeiance to Cinara so it's even better if they can be bribed into doing so...and who wouldn't? They don't win anything by saying no unless they want to remain loyal to Cinara, and it is after the fact, so they can't argue against our story now! Cinara did the same to us by saying she had already stolen our ship, remember.) We then say we have already sailed it back to Smithers, where our Captain and Commodore are currently back in charge of it. As well, a number of heavy fighters and archers in training from the crew are guarding it (Present would be Kyle and me with heavy (if I do some on thursday) and Megan with archery so we can attest to that. We can tell her about Dan and the others if we want.) Which explains why there are so few of us at Penguins, because the captain sent us back to give the gifts to the heavy fighters who surrenderd.

After that, we tell her about why we haven't registered the badge (if we want to later we can, and that gives us time to change it.) And if everyone must see our crest, let them see it and remember us not as cowards who back down, but as fighters and pirates to the last.

It's perfect, she isn't suspecting it...all thoes emails I sent her were when I thought we were going to have to give in. She won't have time to make a counter story infront of all thoes people, especially when it's after the fact!!! And any heavy fighter that accepts our gifts are going to distract her from getting back at us...because we weren't the ones that betrayed her!

If you can see anything wrong with this, or don't think it's a good idea and rather go about things the other way, then please comment.

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04:52 pm - Don't despair Al...
First of all it's nobody's fault the ship was lost, not even Britta's. You have to keep in mind this was done as a joke. If we can think of a way to steal it back, then great, but we need a backup. And we should get our badge together anyways. If we can think of something, make everything look like we've given in, then pull a trick back on Cinara, that would be just fucking awesome. But I do not know what to do. Unless there are other pirates at Penguins...that don't have allegiances to Cinara in any way...but maybe to Jo...cause Cinara took Jo to court remember...Perhaps we could figure something out with Jo...Hmmm...we have the ride down to do so...comments?

Don't take this to heart though, it's just not worth getting stressed out over.

As for the treasure chest...Perhaps someone could pick up a wicker basket thingy in Canadian Tire or some such place. And By someone I mean I need someone who is going to say yes to this pronto and go pick one up. Al, it doesn't have to be you. So long as someone gets it.

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04:19 pm - And Cinara replies!

Lord Tadgg says he would settle his tribute for a treasure chest full of the coins of the realm (chocolate chip cookies:) ) He will only settle for home made though...the chewy kind with lots of chips :)

You could always e-mail LiBan the Prinicpality Herald if you need advice sooner, just let Tewl know.

It needs to be ready to send in or be sent BEFORE your ship is returned, that means finding a Herald who will conflict check your submission BEFORE Penguin.


Cinara....who LOVES owning a ship...maybe I'll take up Merchanting ;)
"It is not what we did yesterday, or today, but what we do tomorrow that matters"
Per bend gules and sable, a bend Or between two roses argent.

I'll make the cookies if we can find a chest somewhere! My mom makes kick ass cookies. Mmmmm...

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