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April 26th, 2004

07:11 pm - reply from Wolfred
If I had three bottles you could probably work a deal but, I suspect that between the wine rack and the cellar there is maybe one or two left - that's it until I start a new batch.

At auction they usually go for about $35 - $40 each. That is way to much for a boat load of pirates, sorry privateer raiders to find when you have no boat.

I will check the cellar and see if I have at least one bottle. The rules for home brew are very specific. I can not sell, barter or trade. I can however, give you a bottle. Compensation for my expenses will be totally up to the boat crew.



So, OUCH! that's a fair lot of cash to bust....

think we can scrounge it?
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April 25th, 2004

10:23 pm - Oh.... Mother Fuck.
So Clinton might be cancelled. It may not be, or it may simply be an unofficial event.

This might be worth monitoring. Keep your eyes and ears out for this, because if it's off we should find out as early as possible.


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03:15 pm - device and other assorted
alright, first comes first:


Submission for the badge, hopfully that will work.....

Other than that, E-mailed wolfred regarding the Honey Mead, waiting for a mail back...

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02:03 pm
Alright, Today is the due date, everybody give thier submission to Kyle. If zilch for submissions comes in, or none of them pass Tewl's inspection, I'll pull one off quickly.

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April 24th, 2004

11:11 pm
Just a reminder to everyone that Sunday is the deadline for badge entries...

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11:52 am - A reminder from Betha
Greetings unto all:

The Shire of Cae Mor needs to know how many people are going to Penguin's Crusade ? I need to let them know who and if they need "crash space". They need these numbers by Sunday April 25 ( tomorrow) !!!!!! The people who have said to me that they are going are : Tewl and Betha , Allric "Cathrine" ( sorry I don't remember your new name at this time) , Aethan and Morgan. I'm fairly sure that Josephine and Liam are also going but have not heard a confirmation. Who else is planning on going? You must at least speak for you feast tickets! hey should have been paid for by April 14th!Please let me know if you are going.

Your humble servant,

Betha ( holder of the tickets)

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April 23rd, 2005

08:40 pm - Operation: Recovery
Hey guys, just some friendly reminders about our ship's predicament and how it stands so far:

Soooo...Here are Cinara's terms once again. We get the ship back at Penguins if we:
make a badge and banner. It doesn't have to be officially authorized (that can take up to a year, ergh) but we do have to have the proof that we applied, which means photocopies of our application sheet. That can be found at http://www.antirheralds.org/submissions/forms/forms.html
If you are submitting, look at it, and Katherine's links, because they are helpful too! I plan on making the banner this week...I will explain more about this farther on down.
Both Cinara and Tadgg (pronounce Tee-guh but that is the way it is spelt)would like us to honor them with gifts for thier wonderful job at taking care of our ship. Cinara hinted at Wolfred's honey mead for herself. Yuki is on that, right Yuki? She hasn't gotten back to me about what Tadgg wanted, but I will email her again and get an update. We must also make a tribute to them. I suggest giving them ship tokens (perhaps we could make them necklaces on this occasion, but in the same form we had at fall fair last year), and doing the prairy flower, all of us, together. If we're gonna beg we might as well do it with style.

Just a reminder, if anyone hasn't gotten feast tickets for Penguins yet and plans to attend, you'd better contact Cinara pronto so she can reserve them for you.

Also, Cinara reminds us that we can't fight for our ship, so anyone out there with the most remote hope left, you're gonna have to get past a shit load of heavy fighters on your own.

As for the badge. Yes, go to the perscribed websites. All enteries are due in on this SUNDAY, being April 25th, in two more days. I have talked to HL Tewl Gover orth Kernow who is in charge of Heraldry in this district. He suggested this:

'A quick overview of badges. They are usually a single charge on either a field or fieldless (coloured or no background). You can have a divided or bordered field, but it only counts as one point of difference so is not that important. The best bet would be to look for an unusual charge and make it an unusual colour (a blue bear, a purple mouse). The first URL is a primer for heraldry and the second has lots of clip art..
I recommend:
Heraldic Pictures - 400k .zip file of 346 heraldic charges scanned from Fox-Davies "A Complete Guide to Heraldry"in .gif format. http://itsa.ucsf.edu/~snlrc/britannia/flowers/heraldry.html

He wanted to talk to us about the badge at the event of Penguins, which of course would be to late. I have emailed him and asked if it could be done sooner...April 26th, our monday rapier practice which he usually attends. He had asked us to bring about six possible badges regardless. (he also wanted a person by the name of Li Ban to look at them, but this was at Penguins as well. If any of you know Li, perhaps you can get in touch?) I suggest that out of the ones that Tewl says could pass, we vote on. That would take place on the day after, April 27th. That leaves me 3 days to make the banner, which should be enough if I work at it.

The fabric for the banner I will be buying. The current funds for our ship, all of which have been contributed by our captain at the moment (soon to change I hope) are in the bank under her name. Once she returns we'll even up.

One last note: Mr.Thompson has agreed to help make a chest for HL Joesephine Blackthorn. More will follow as details become available on this project.

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April 22nd, 2004

06:32 pm
By the way, just so the multitudes of you know... The deadline is only 77.5 hours away. I still only have duncasaurasrex's entry. So if no one else makes one then that's what will get used.

What follows is mainly a test to see whether or not I can make an in-community poll.

Are you making an entry for the ship's crest?

Oh yeah, and it has a hemi baby.
Nope, I'm art-tarded

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05:55 pm - IMPORTANT!
To people designing badge:







All of these are invaluable. Pay special attention to the ones that detail what CAN NOT be used.

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April 21st, 2004

05:48 pm - Err...
Can anyone tell me exactly whom is on the ship, including potentials we've talked to the good Capt'n about? And if possible, what we have in terms of Fencers/Heavies/Archers/People studying the sciences?

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