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April 27th, 2004

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04:52 pm - Don't despair Al...
First of all it's nobody's fault the ship was lost, not even Britta's. You have to keep in mind this was done as a joke. If we can think of a way to steal it back, then great, but we need a backup. And we should get our badge together anyways. If we can think of something, make everything look like we've given in, then pull a trick back on Cinara, that would be just fucking awesome. But I do not know what to do. Unless there are other pirates at Penguins...that don't have allegiances to Cinara in any way...but maybe to Jo...cause Cinara took Jo to court remember...Perhaps we could figure something out with Jo...Hmmm...we have the ride down to do so...comments?

Don't take this to heart though, it's just not worth getting stressed out over.

As for the treasure chest...Perhaps someone could pick up a wicker basket thingy in Canadian Tire or some such place. And By someone I mean I need someone who is going to say yes to this pronto and go pick one up. Al, it doesn't have to be you. So long as someone gets it.

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Date:April 27th, 2004 05:04 pm (UTC)


Now, I've gotten to the point of being really really pissed off.

Cinara always pulls shit like this on us, and we always appease her. Fuck the gypsies.

Lets just steal another ship.

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