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April 27th, 2004

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04:19 pm - And Cinara replies!

Lord Tadgg says he would settle his tribute for a treasure chest full of the coins of the realm (chocolate chip cookies:) ) He will only settle for home made though...the chewy kind with lots of chips :)

You could always e-mail LiBan the Prinicpality Herald if you need advice sooner, just let Tewl know.

It needs to be ready to send in or be sent BEFORE your ship is returned, that means finding a Herald who will conflict check your submission BEFORE Penguin.


Cinara....who LOVES owning a ship...maybe I'll take up Merchanting ;)
"It is not what we did yesterday, or today, but what we do tomorrow that matters"
Per bend gules and sable, a bend Or between two roses argent.

I'll make the cookies if we can find a chest somewhere! My mom makes kick ass cookies. Mmmmm...

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